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Cincinnatus is regarded as the ultimate model of selfless heroic deeds. Cincinnatus (as well as UC Global and other) Scholars continue an on-going commitment in service to others that reaches past our campus boundaries to affect our neighborhoods, our city, our region, and beyond.

Often times students will continue service they may have started in high school or a previous college year. Their personal passion may also easily connect them to a Cincinnati affiliate of a national service agency such as the Boys and Girls Club or American Red Cross.

Whether you are seeking out a new agency, a service event to meet your schedule, or a different activity to diversify your service experiences, UC has many resources to help you complete your service requirements for scholarship renewal.

Center for Community Engagement (CCE)

The Center for Community Engagement is the primary connection between the University of Cincinnati and area service agencies. Their offices are located at 2639 Clifton Avenue within the Stratford Heights residential complex in Building #19. You can contact them at or 513-556-1559.

Staff at CCE can assist you in exploring service options. Their Web site provides listings of and links to upcoming events and offers a subscription service to their volunteer listserve.

Their volunteer opportunities can be key to meeting your service requirements.

Weekly Service Update Listserv

New Cincinnatus scholars are automatically registered for the Weekly Service Update from CCE. This weekly listing highlights upcoming service opportunities and provides information on featured events in need of volunteers. The listserv will send an automatic email to your UConnect email account.

Many opportunities noted on the listserv may direct students to more detailed event information and service registration via

Students who wish to be removed from the listserv or re-register for the listserv can do so at any time.

NOTE: While most opportunities can be used for meeting your service requirements, a listing on the weekly update does NOT automatically mean an opportunity meets the service requirements for scholarship renewal. You can always check the validity of a service opportunity for scholarship renewal by contacting

Online Reporting System

Scholars and other students are able to register for an online volunteer system. Students can search all activities currently available, concentrate on activities highlighted, or go directly to the listings of a particular organization that interests you.

Go to to view outside organizations and their service opportunities. Register and log-in using your UC sign-on credentials. Questions can be directed to the Center for Community Engagement (; 513-556-1559; 2639 Clifton Avenue).

As a scholar, you have the opportunity to register your participation in specific events or service opportunities. It is important to honor your commitments upon registering for the service event as the service agency is counting on your participation.

This same website can be used to self-report service activities that you found outside of

By using this single site for all service reporting, you can easily monitor your approved submissions over the course of the year.

Scholars are always responsible to know if the service they do meets the service requirements for scholarship renewal. Staff in the Cincinnatus Program ( can always help you assess a particular activity.

Contact Us

Listings and resources through these and other UC offices can help students find service opportunities to meet their requirements.

However, listings or postings do not automatically qualify the activity as meeting the standards required by the Cincinnatus program. Students who want clarification if an activity will meet requirements for scholarship renewal should contact the Cincinnatus Program at

Service also must be completed and submitted based on reporting requirements.