Added resources support UC researchers

UC’s Office of Research and Office of Innovation offer expanded services

The University of Cincinnati Office of Research and Office of Innovation have expanded available resources to support researchers across the university with their computational and prototyping needs.

The Advanced Research Computing Center was awarded an equipment grant of $857,000 from the National Science Foundation and cost-share from the Ohio Department of Education and UC. Launched in 2019 through an investment by the Office of Research, the center offers high-performance and high-throughput computing resources to advance the capabilities of UC researchers. 

The center’s thousands of computer processors are connected to each other and can divvy up and solve a problem or query significantly faster than a single processor, said Prashant Khare, assistant professor of aerospace engineering and the principal investigator of this NSF grant. Khare is also the co-founder and the chair of the faculty advisory committee of the Advanced Research Computing Center.

Additionally, the Office of Innovation is launching the Makerspace Service Center to offer prototyping and small batch manufacturing to researchers at the Ground Floor Makerspace + Microfactory at UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub. While the makerspace is closed for daily use because of the coronavirus, the service center staff can assist researchers with their projects utilizing machining and additive manufacturing equipment. 

“Our team is available to consult at any phase of a project, from ideation, to CAD development, to design for manufacturing, and are equipped to help you speed your project to the lab or to market," said Benjamin Jones, manager of the space.

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