IncludeHealth partners with UC 1819 Innovation Hub

Cincinnati Innovation District attracts award-winning digital health business

The University of Cincinnati and IncludeHealth, an international award-winning digital health and performance company, have announced that the company's innovation lab will be located in UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub, the nerve center of the Cincinnati Innovation District. 

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UC Chief Innovation Officer David J. Adams

“IncludeHealth is emblematic of the power of the innovation ecosystem that is developing here in the Cincinnati Innovation District,” said UC Chief Innovation Officer David J. Adams. “As we continue to attract more companies, we are confident that our model — empowering transformation by delivering talent from the university and friction-free access to support our partners — is the blueprint for other cities seeking to accelerate their efforts. On our road to producing 15,000-plus STEM graduates and $2 billion in research, it is partnerships like IncludeHealth that will accelerate that effort.”

IncludeHealth becomes one of the newest members of the Cincinnati Innovation District, unveiled by Gov. Mike DeWine and Lt. Gov. Jon Husted in March. As part of the unveiling, JobsOhio announced an infusion of $100 million to accelerate more than 15,000 STEM graduates, $2 billion in research creating more than 20,000 jobs in the CID and $3 billion in economic impact for the region.

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Ryan Eder, founder and CEO, IncludeHealth

The first time IncludeHealth founder and CEO Ryan Eder toured the 1819 Innovation Hub, he knew he was where he and his company belonged. 

“An impressive  number of our instrumental partners — the ones that supported the company and vision early on — were now under one roof,” Eder said. “There was an instant feeling of being home.”

The move puts the company in the same building as Eder’s earliest mentors and supporters: the Live Well Collaborative, the UC Simulation Center — both of which are backed by Procter & Gamble (P&G) — and CincyTech, the region’s largest seed fund, and IncludeHealth’s biggest investor. In addition to 1819’s business partners, the move also puts IncludeHealth close to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, which partnered with IncludeHealth to commercialize movement correction technology jointly developed with UC and Mike Riley.

“The 1819 Innovation Hub is the place to showcase this technology and company,” said CincyTech CEO Mike Venerable. “Ryan [Eder] is an award-winning graduate of UC’s world-class College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP). 1819 is a regional hub for innovation across all domains, and IncludeHealth touches augmented reality, machine learning, design, human health and performance. IncludeHealth exemplifies everything that is driving the growth of the Cincinnati Innovation District.”

We are excited to enrich our strategic partnerships, form new relationships and engage the UC ecosystem in new ways to drive fantastic opportunities — fueling innovation, new companies and expanding this collaborative in a multitude of ways.

Ryan Eder Founder and CEO, Include Health

It’s also a homecoming of sorts for Eder. IncludeHealth started as Eder’s DAAP senior design thesis in 2006. Eder’s design for accessible strength training equipment went on to win gold, best in show and the people’s choice awards at the 2007 International Design Excellence Awards. 

That led to an invite to present his thesis before the board of the Live Well Collaborative, a nonprofit co-founded by UC and P&G to cultivate collaboration between industry and academia around design solutions. His presentation earned him the support of both CincyTech and P&G to turn it into a reality. 

“Ryan has the right combination of commitment, competence and vision,” said Craig Vogel, co-founder, president and chair of the Live Well Collaborative and former associate dean for graduate programs research with DAAP. “During the last decade, he has been able to realize his vision by constantly learning whatever was needed to get to the next level of development, resolve issues and overcome obstacles.” 

IncludeHealth will dedicate more than half of its space to a “connected clinic” showcasing its technology. Eder envisions the space hosting events with strategic partners, investors and the community to showcase what can be accomplished through the network of businesses headquartered or co-located in 1819. IncludeHealth has also enlisted two DAAP students to develop a timeline wall for the space showcasing the partnerships and key support the company has received over the last 14 years.

“We are excited to enrich our strategic partnerships, form new relationships and engage the UC ecosystem in new ways to drive fantastic opportunities — fueling innovation, new companies and expanding this collaborative in a multitude of ways,” Eder said. “My north star through the IncludeHealth journey has always been to make a positive impact in my community and we feel being a part of the 1819 family accelerates that mission.”

About IncludeHealth

IncludeHealth is an Ohio-based digital health and performance company delivering next-generation musculoskeletal care and training. Our platform pairs HIPAA-compliant cloud software with connected equipment, sensors and movement correction technology to quantify and qualify human performance. The unique pairing provides breakthrough capabilities to produce better outcomes with lower costs. Recognized with 28 international innovation and health awards, our proprietary technology is used in orthopedics, neuroscience, pediatric care, senior care, government and general wellness. To learn more, visit and connect via Twitter or LinkedIn.

About the Cincinnati Innovation District

A unique and thriving ecosystem, the Cincinnati Innovation District™ is anchored by the University of Cincinnati, a Carnegie Level 1 research institution. At 46,000-plus students strong, the University of Cincinnati is a national leader across many disciplines and is focused on solving society’s problems. With the acceleration of STEM graduates and research talent from UC, the Cincinnati Innovation District is well positioned to be a beacon to the nation and the world to attract talent and the organizations that seek that talent.

Formally named by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine in March 2020, the Cincinnati Innovation District is home to the 1819 Innovation Hub, where industry, students and research intersect. As part of the March announcement, JobsOhio pledged $100 million to develop the new district. This initial investment will expand the number of degrees awarded by UC over the next decade in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and medicine. It also aims to boost federal research at UC and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to $2 billion. The ultimate goal is to create 20,000 new high-skilled jobs, boosting Ohio’s economy by an estimated $3 billion per year.

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