MSN: Racism and bias make infertility treatment even more inaccessible to couples of color

UC fertility expert weighs in on accessibility of medical treatment

One in eight couples wishing to conceive a child struggle with infertility.  Fertility treatment options are possible for some but obstacle remain especially for Black and Latinx couples. Disparities in fertility treatment exist and are reflected in data from the National Survey of Family Growth which shows 12% of U.S. women used fertility services between 2006 and 2010 with white women almost twice as likely as Black or Latinx women to have done so. 

About 15% of non-Hispanic white women used medical help to get pregnant compared to only 8% of Hispanic women and 7.6% of Black women. Michael Thomas, MD, professor and chair of the UC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and UC Health physician, weighed in on the discussion. “There are some studies that show that patients of color are referred to fertility specialists a little later than white patients,” says Thomas.

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