Campus Planning for Fall 2021

Dear UC Community,

Our planning is under way for Fall Semester 2021, and I am pleased to announce that it is our current plan to launch the 2021-22 academic year with increased on-campus and in-person activity. We anticipate expanded opportunities for in-person learning, teaching, staffing and campus life while keeping the safety and health of our students, faculty, staff and visitors paramount.

Our cautious optimism is based on the success in vaccination distribution taking place across the nation and its expansion with the addition of newly approved alternatives. We will continue to monitor pandemic developments.

Like our students, we are eager to get back to more in-person activity. We yearn to see our campus bustling again. As we plan steps toward that more energized campus, I believe the lessons we have gained from the last year are destined to nudge our university toward a “next” normal. Rather than backward looking, the result will use future-leaning strategies to create the best possible educational approaches for student success.

Our goal is to make strides toward a more robust level of learning, working, living and playing. As a university with its own academic medical center, we are proud that our physician-led response to COVID 19 has consistently emphasized a step-wise approach to our return to campus and our planning related to academics, activities, housing, dining and more. We will continue to use this approach as we plan for Fall Semester, maintaining flexibility in our plans as needed. I want to remind all of us to continue to practice the protocols advised by health experts to fight the virus and its spread.

Each of you as Bearcats should feel immense pride in the way you have stepped up, to keep moving forward in the face of this unprecedented health challenge.  You have put the safety of one another first and willingly undertaken the sacrifices this required. Your ongoing diligence and collaboration are essential to our successful steps toward a more robust on-campus environment this August.

Our experience in the past year has given us valuable lessons that allow us to feel hopeful for the coming academic year. Please watch your email and our Public Health website for updates. Below we have included links to Tri-state area vaccination programs for those who are eligible.

Go Bearcats!

Neville G. Pinto

Vaccine Resources

Health Collaborative COVID-19 Vaccine Website (includes links to Greater Cincinnati programs with links to Indiana locations and Kentucky locations at the bottom of the site)

State of Ohio COVID -19 Vaccine Website

State of Kentucky COVID-19 Vaccine Website

State of Indiana COVID-19 Vaccine Website

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