UC makes cameo in Office Ladies podcast

Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey of 'The Office' discuss business professor's research on earworms

On their podcast, "Office Ladies," hosts and stars of the comedy series "The Office" Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey break down each episode of the show. In a discussion about the episode "Local Ad," the hosts mention research from University of Cincinnati.

In this "Office" episode, Andy has the Kit Kat jingle, "Break Me Off a Piece of That..." stuck in his head, but he struggles to recall the product name. This leads Fischer and Kinsey — who played Pam and Angela in "The Office" — to discuss the phenomenon of earworms, or the bit of a melody or song that becomes stuck in your head. 

The Kit Kat jingle is one of the top 10 earworms, according to UC professor James Kellaris, who is an expert on the topic.

Fischer and Kinsey discuss Kellaris' other top earworms, their favorites and more in this episode of "Office Ladies." Listen to the full podcast.

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