CNN: UC group aims to change air travel with 'Coffee House Cabin'

People seem eager to plan vacations, especially after this past year, but the pandemic means the future of air travel could change. A group of University of Cincinnati students and professors are trying to pilot an innovative idea.

CNN and other local and national outlets covered the UC-designed “Coffee House Cabin” that just took home a top honor — a Crystal Cabin Award. The international aviation competition recognized the design that features rotating chairs and fold-down tables. It also has dividers that pop-up between seats.

Alejandro Lozano Robledo is an adjunct instructor in UC's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and a research fellow at the Live Well Collaborative, which pairs UC faculty and students with industry partners. Robledo worked on the project in the Live Well space during his time as a master's student of design.

"I'm excited to see the future of where some of these ideas might take us and where the industry might go in the future," Robledo told CNN. "Every crisis can also be an opportunity."

Watch the full story from CNN.

Robledo told Local 12 that if anything, the pandemic could mean more innovation in future cabin designs.

“Luxury for the current traveler means, 'I want to fly safe. I want to get to my destination in comfort, but be mindful of my personal space.' These are values that we weren't necessarily thinking about back then, so I can definitely see lots of excitement in offering new ways in which you could choose a specific kind of seat,” Robledo says.

Read and watch the full story from Local 12.

Featured image at top: The Crystal Cabin Award-winning Coffee House Cabin design

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