The making of a successful Faculty & Staff Campaign

Make an impact and support the UC family

More than one-third of UC’s nearly 7,000 faculty and staff have already contributed to the 2020-21 Faculty & Staff Campaign, putting the goal of 45% within reach.

A big part of that one-third is the Building Services team in Facilities Management. Administration & Finance is one of UC’s larger departments, and Facilities Management is by far its biggest division. The Building Services team brought in nearly 200 new gifts as part of UC’s Day of Giving in mid-April, increasing Administration & Finance’s participation rate by almost 30% to its highest ever — 51%! Their collective support of this campaign is an incredible showing of vision and generosity during trying times, demonstrating what we can all accomplish when we unite to uplift each other.

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Each year, UC’s faculty and staff are asked to make a gift to support the university community and advance our institutional mission to lead urban public universities into a new era of innovation and impact. This funding allows the university to award more scholarships, support essential programs, and ensure more Bearcats receive a great education. The dollars are important, but this campaign’s focus is more about participation at any level. No matter the size, every gift adds up to a big impact when combined with thousands of others.

Last year’s campaign was essentially displaced by the springtime shock of COVID-19. Pivoting quickly, our faculty and staff rallied on UC’s Day of Caring to help support colleagues working on COVID’s front lines, to provide assistance to students who were significantly affected, and to support the collective UC community through gifts to strategically situated funds.

Now, with a full return to campus in sight, the traditional Faculty & Staff Campaign has returned with colleges and units vying for top participation and giving totals. But it’s not really about the competition — it’s about the impact. Even as we continue to deal with COVID’s effects on the UC family, we will always face new challenges. Now more than ever, it is imperative to be there for each other, the students and the life-changing discoveries that happen on campus every day.

Please join the 2,475 employees who have already made a gift this year. The Faculty & Staff Campaign is an employee-driven initiative, fueled by more than 50 volunteer captains across campus who have helped educate their co-workers about the importance of annual gifts through emails, Teams chats, virtual coffees, and other creative avenues. Help your colleagues and our university by making a gift now via payroll deduction or credit card.  

Thank you for all you do for UC and UC Health! 

Featured image: UC's West Campus. Photo/Michael Keating for the UC Foundation.

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