UC staff have elected their 2021-23 Staff Senators

Join us in congratulating the 2021-23 new Staff Senate members! Elections were held in early May, and new senators will begin their two-year term in July 2021. All UC staff are encouraged to be part of the enthusiasm and excitement for our new senators by attending the Staff Senate online meeting via WebEx, June 30, 9-11 a.m.

“I want to extend my congratulations to all incoming Senators! It is an exciting and important time to represent the voice of all UC Staff," says Heidi Pettyjohn, Executive Director and Chair-Elect 2020-2021 of Staff Senate.

Newly Elected Staff Senators

We are pleased to welcome 36 new senators recognized below.

Senator Term 2021-2023

Division- Athletics
Jussara Melo                                   Athletics Business Office

Division- Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact
Tracey Johnson                               Equal Opportunity & Access

Division- Office of Public Safety Division
Qasim McCreagh                           Public Safety Tech Service

Division- Office of Research Division
Jenny Olmes-Stevens                   Research Accounting

Division- Administration & Finance
Lindsey Ford                                   A&F HR Benefits
Jacqueline McIntosh                      A&F Business Core Services
Ashley San Diego                           A&F HR Wellness

Division- Senior VP for Academic Affairs & Provost
Daniel Cummins                             SA Dean of Students
Brandi Elliott                                   SA Ethnic Programs and Services
Brandon Elliott                               SA Gen 1 Theme House
Karlethia James                              IT@UC Business Affairs
Hannah Ko                                      CEAS  Marketing & Communication
James Larkin                                   CEAS  Facilities
Yvonne Parker                                EM One Stop Center
Byron Walton                                  UCBA Institutional Research
Tiffiany Wilson                                IT@UC Information Security

Division- Senior VP for Health Affairs
Daniel Brummett                           COM Operations and Finance
Leanna Chasteen                           COM Operations and Finance
Benjamin Flodder                          COM Operations and Finance
Margaret O'Leary                          Hoxworth Research
Brandie Wagoner                          COM Operations and Finance
Eva Whitehead                               COM IM INF ACTG

Elected one-year term Provost vacancy
Kaitlyn Johnson                              CECH Business Office

Elected one-year term A&F vacancy
Jamie Miller                                     A&F University Conferencing

At-large Senator Term 2021-2023

At Large UC Blue Ash
Josh Monson                                   UCBA Student Life

At Large A&S
Daniel Hagedorn                            A&S Advising    

At Large
Cathy Barnes                                   A&F Campus Services Marketing
Batsheva Guy                                  CEAS  Incl Excellence & Comm Engagmnt
Hal Jankowski                                  UC Online
Stephanie Keith                              CAHS School of Social Work
Susana Luzuriaga Voight               Acad Aff Institutional Research
Nick Paddock                                  International Admissions
Emily Rawers                                   CEAS Enrollment Management
Pia Washington                               Public Safety Emergency Mgmt
Katie Wellman                                 CEAS Personnel Management
Hannah Williamson                        Acad Aff Learning Commons

Staff Senate Committees
Currently there are five standing committees in order to conduct staff senate business more efficiently. New senate members will serve on one of the committees and will meet in the interim between formal staff senate meetings.

  • Membership and Elections Committee: will execute the staff senate election process as outlined by the governance committee, provide the staff senate with nominees for open positions on standing committees and develop the new member orientation and training program.
  • Budget and Human Resource Committee: will support the strategic direction of the university with an emphasis on the staff experience, and in doing so may consider all financial, planning, human resource, and economic welfare matters affecting the university to ensure a supportive environment that will provide personal and professional growth opportunities for university staff in collaboration with the offices for finance and human resources.
  • Information Technology Committee: will consider and represent staff views on all significant information technology initiatives, issues, and policies that impact the university; create and maintain the staff senate website and electronic voting systems; offer technology consultation and training for staff; and consider all information technology matters brought to its attention by the staff senate or the university administration in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati Office of Information Technology.
  • Communication and Recognition Committee: will organize and coordinate outreach and community engagement activities, staff recognition functions, public and special events; performs responsibilities related to communications of the staff senate, including the distribution of publicity and information relating to the staff senate; and considers all outreach and communication matters brought to its attention by the staff senate or the university administration.
  • Governance Committee: will annually review the bylaws and propose amendments; determine membership, nomination, and election procedures for senators with final approval by the senate cabinet; annually review the number of staff senate representatives and reapportion the area representation as needed based on information received from University of Cincinnati Human Resources; monitor governance policies and practices to ensure effective staff involvement in university decision making; and consider all governance matters brought to its attention by the staff senate or the university administration.

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