On your own at last: 4 ways to live smart on UC’s campus

College is often the time for students to break out of their comfort zone and experience new situations — and that’s exciting! But this new freedom and independence comes with some personal responsibility. You are in charge of you now! 

Here are four ways to live smart on campus:

1. Download the Bearcat Guardian app

As long as you have a smartphone, you never have to walk alone. The Bearcat Guardian App connects students, staff and campus safety personnel. The app’s Safety Timer feature serves as a virtual walking buddy. Users can set a time and destination, and the app will confirm when they arrive. You can select friends and campus safety officers as “guardians” to receive your status and location updates. 

Every night, my roommate tracks me from swim practice back to our dorm.

Victoria C. UC student living on main campus

The app also gives students a direct line to communicate with UC public safety. Users are able to submit messages through anonymous tip features in the app, allowing students to report any suspicious behavior they may witness on campus. 

An Emergency Call Button with GPS can alert responders even faster. The Bearcat Guardian App allows you to add important information, such as medical conditions, allergies, disabilities and more.

2. Take advantage of on-demand transportation

UC's red and white NightRide van in front of McMicken Hall.

NightRide 556-RIDE (7433)

Imagine you have a big exam coming up and you want to meet with classmates for a late-night study session at the library. No need to stress or worry about transportation! Just give UC’s free, on-demand NightRide a call for a quick and safe pickup anywhere within a one-mile range of campus. Think of it as a free taxi or Uber, exclusive to Bearcats! 

3. Always be in-the-know with Bearcat Notifications

UC students, faculty and staff are auto enrolled to receive text message and email alerts with information that may impact UC campuses and nearby areas. Those outside of the university, including parents, can register here.

4. Access nearly 300 Blue Help Phones

One of UC's Help Phones on a pole in front of a campus building.

Over 280 Help Phones across UC's campus.

More than 280 blue help telephones are strategically placed around campus and in campus garages so that assistance is never out of reach. These phones connect the campus community directly to dispatchers in our 911 Communications Center, and can be used for things like flat tires, car trouble, fender benders and, of course, emergencies.

5 questions to ask during any college visit

Every university is different, and every campus offers different support to students. As you continue your college search, be sure to ask these questions regarding the campus safety resources at the universities you visit:

  • How do you notify the campus community about things like weather alerts or safety concerns?
  • What type of public safety department is on campus? Are your safety officials actually police officers?
  • How does your campus safety team work with the broader community?
  • What transportation services are available?
  • What counseling services are available?

Experience our campus for yourself

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