UC Health opens 'long COVID-19' clinic

UC cardiology professor says the battle against COVID-19 is not over

UC Health has launched Greater Cincinnati’s first clinic dedicated to providing subspecialized care to COVID-19 patients with lingering symptoms, often referred to as “COVID-19 long-haulers or long-COVID.”

Because chronic symptoms vary widely in COVID-19 patients, the National Institutes of Health has proposed a unifying name for the condition: post-acute sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 infection, or PASC.

In a story published by, Charles Hattemer, MD, chief of Cardiovascular Health and Disease and the Mabel Stearns Stonehill Endowed Chair and Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the UC College of Medicine, was quoted as saying that we haven't seen the last of COVID-19. 

Charles Hattemer Cardiovascular in White Coat

Charles Hattemer, MD, professor in the Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease in the Department of Internal Medicine/Photo/Colleen Kelley/UC Creative + Brand

“COVID-19 is not done with us, and we are not done with COVID-19,” said Hattemer, who is also a UC Health physician. At the new clinic, “Multiple specialties and clinicians combine their expertise to help patients,” he said.

After a patient is diagnosed with possible PASC and referred by their primary care provider, an initial consultation is held with a UC Health cardiologist or pulmonologist via telehealth. UC Health specialists will frequently initiate a panel of simple tests to better understand the patient’s condition.

The tests will be followed by a face-to-face clinic visit at UC Medical Center with a subspecialist best suited to each patient’s specific condition.

The Post-COVID-19 Clinic is led by Richard Becker, MD, professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the UC College of Medicine, director of the UC Heart, Lung and Vascular Institute and a UC Health physician; and Rachel Foot, MD, assistant professor in the Department of Internal Medicine at the UC College of Medicine and a UC Health physician.

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