UC Day of Giving showcases it’s a remarkable time to be a Bearcat

A noon-to-noon celebration of the power of philanthropy in elevating the university and community

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Date: April 7-8 (noon to noon)
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UC Day of Giving, the University of Cincinnati’s annual, 24-hour celebration of community and philanthropy, will run from noon on Thursday, April 7 through noon on Friday, April 8. During this time, members of the UC family from all around the world will come together to support hundreds of vital causes, demonstrating the change that becomes possible when #BearcatsGive.

In 2018, our first UC Day of Giving saw tremendous support from the UC community. Participation has grown each year and reached new heights in 2021 with more than 3,200 gifts and $2.2 million. Additionally, 131 ambassadors raised $85,000 from more than 580 gifts in 2021.

Now in its fifth year, UC Day of Giving demonstrates our signature Bearcat drive, hustle, and grit. We are pushing the limits of what’s possible in this 24-hour challenge, showing the collective change we can make when #BearcatsGive.  The event is part of the UC Alumni Association’s Alumni Week festivities and a host of Day of Giving volunteer ambassadors make an impact by encouraging participation through their social media and personal networks.

“Our global Bearcat community consistently demonstrates that we are stronger together than individually,” said Peter E. Landgren, president of the UC Foundation. “Let’s celebrate this remarkable time at the University of Cincinnati by pushing our limits during this 24-hour challenge. What’s next, starts with you.”

Our global Bearcat community consistently demonstrates that we are stronger together than individually...

Peter E. Landgren UC Foundation President

Many donors and organizations have stepped-up on to provide over $100,000 in matching gifts which allow donors to double their gift to a variety of UC causes. More than 20 challenges will also be in effect during the 24 hours, encouraging competition between donors from different colleges and geographic regions, as well as those supporting specific funds. Prizes will be awarded in the form of additional donations to be applied to the winners’ chosen funds or causes. Together, the matches and challenges will drive totals higher, elevating the overall impact of UC Day of Giving.

"People appreciate the opportunity to designate their philanthropic gifts specifically to programs or causes they're passionate about, and UC Day of Giving does that," said Jennifer Heisey, the UC Foundation's vice president of alumni and donor experience. "After all, giving is a very personal thing. And as we've seen, when many individuals are supportive in this way, Day of Giving's collective impact is astounding."

It’s a remarkable time to be a Bearcat.

This is your day. This is our day. UC Day of Giving.

For more information or to make a gift during UC Day of Giving, visit dayofgiving.uc.edu.

Featured image: Ethan Chaplin, CEAS & University Honors Student

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