Why I chose to major in nursing at UC

I am fascinated with how the human body works and I appreciate UC's unique opportunities

By: Parker Rabe, Bachelor of Science in Nursing '23; Nursing Ambassador

Why I chose nursing as a major

I have always enjoyed volunteering and helping others and became fascinated with learning how the human body works in my high school anatomy, physiology and sports medicine classes. When I was a junior in high school, I was able to talk with the nurses who cared for my grandpa and saw how much compassion and support can truly mean to the families of those who are sick. As I explored a possible career in nursing, I liked the vast areas that the profession can serve and the potential to grow both personally and professionally.

Why I chose UC College of Nursing

In addition of having always loved all things Bearcats, UC College of Nursing was an easy choice for me as its direct-admit Bachelor of Science in Nursing program let me know right away that I was in the college and there were clinical spots for every student in a variety of different hospitals. UC is unique in that it is surrounded by several outstanding hospitals. My teachers have all been great; they really want you to succeed and take the time to meet with their students and support them in any way they can. To this point, my favorite class in college has been Anatomy and Physiology. It was very fascinating to learn how all the different body systems work and the impact one system has on another.

What I love about being a Bearcat

Parker Rabe petting a dog

Outside of classes, I love going to the various sports events on campus, especially the football games. I have participated in the College Mentors for Kids after school mentoring program and enjoyed building relationships with the students and seeing the positive impact it had on their lives. I also volunteer for Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue and interview perspective families to help match them with their future pet. We help select pet families that will provide a safe and nurturing environment while also making sure the dogs will receive proper veterinarian care under their ownership. As a UC College of Nursing Ambassador, I enjoy answering questions for prospective students to promote the UC nursing program and help students see all the profession has to offer.

I am also a member of UC's chapter of the American Association for Men in Nursing. I attend membership meetings and activities, two of my favorites were the paintball game and visiting with a flight nurse. Being involved in the chapter has also provided an opportunity for me to meet upperclassmen to ask questions and benefit from their guidance and perspective.