UC Alert: June 18, 2022

On June 18, 2022, UC Public Safety sent out the below alerts. The alert was sent after Cincinnati Police reported a shot spotter alert for multiple shots in the 2500 block of Euclid Avenue. Officers searched the area but did not find anything.

2:48 a.m.

UC Alert-Police responding to emergency reported in area of 2598 Euclid Ave. If safe, stay at your location. Be observant/take action as needed. More info soon.


If you are on the affected campus:

Watch and listen for further UC Alerts on the situation

If you are not on the affected campus:

Stay out of the area.

Watch for further UC Alerts on the situation.

3:01 a.m.

UC Alert: ALL CLEAR Officers checked 2598 Euclid Ave., there is no threat to the campus community. Normal activities can resume.