Catching up with LLM Grad Raheleh Jagiri

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the LLM Program at Cincinnati Law, we are catching up with some of our alumni. Raheleh Jagiri’16 is from the country of Iran. Here’s an update on her professional life since graduation.

What was your favorite memory of your UC Law LLM experience?

My favorite memory is all [of the] students. Not only LLMs, but also most JD students who helped us understand subjects and shared their outlines with us. My favorite person is Nora (Burke Wagner, Assistant Dean for International & Graduate Programs and Director, LLM Program) who invited us to her home. We spent a good night there.

Where have you been and what have you been doing since you completed the LLM?

Raheleh Jagiri is a 2016 LLM graduate

Raheleh Jagiri'16, LLM graduate

After graduating, I started my MBA and at the same time worked in a law firm as an intern. Now, I am working in a business area but I took my GRE score and want to apply for a JD program. I hope to gain admission from top law schools and work in human rights. I want to do what I should do to have a better world to live in!

How has the LLM program influenced your work or your career?

Immigration changed my whole life and career. My first step was my LLM degree.

Any advice for prospective LLM students?

I strongly recommend it and there are no regrets if you study at UC. I studied in three different universities and college in the United States but the atmosphere at UC was different

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