Alumni Spotlight: Ariela Topper, MPH, MLS (ASCP)

During National Allied Health Week, we're interviewing CAHS alumni who are making a difference

We sat down with some of our alumni who are currently working in allied health during National Allied Health Week. See what they are up to today and how their UC degree helped them get there. 

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Ariela Topper

Name: Ariela Topper, MPH, MLS (ASCP), '16

Title: Infection Preventionist I

Employer: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 

Programs graduated from: Medical Laboratory Science

How did UC prepare you and set you up for success in your career?

My time in college taught me resiliency. It wasn't until more recently that i was diagnosed with ADHD, which meant I had to work that much harder during undergrad to keep up, especially during my final year in the MLS program. Successfully completing the program proved to me what I was capable of, which was a huge motivator in continuing to pursue opportunities that have made me feel a greater sense of fulfillment in my professional life. 

What do you love most about your career or current position?

Now, as an Infection Preventionist, I have the opportunity to collaborate with individuals from all different professions. Everyone has such a unique prospective based on previous experience which means there is always something new to learn. Working previously for five years as a Clinical Microbiologist, I am also able to contribute my own perspective to others which gives me a sense of pride. 

What encouragement or advice can you offer to fellow professionals in your field or others looking to enter the profession?

If there is something that you are truly passionate about but not actively perusing in college, build upon the skills you have been taught throughout your time at UC and find a way to incorporate it into your career. If opportunities to do that aren't readily available, be creative and find your own way. You will not regret it

Anything else you’d like to share on your career path, current employment, fun projects you’ve worked on, etc.?

Since graduating, I have had the opportunity to travel to Africa twice to participate in global health outreach and research. Most recently, I assisted in a research project studying bacterial growth on neonatal resuscitation equipment. 

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