Fox19: UC hosts international aerospace conference on AI

UC aerospace professor talks about why we need trustworthy systems

Fox19 highlighted an international conference taking place at the University of Cincinnati that is exploring the future of artificial intelligence.

UC is playing host to the North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society's conference, which has drawn experts from around the world to UC's new Digital Futures building to examine innovations in artificial intelligence or AI.

Kelly Cohen talks to Fox19.

UC Aerospace Engineering Professor Kelly Cohen talks to Fox19 about artificial intelligence.

Fox19 spoke to UC College of Engineering and Applied Science Professor Kelly Cohen, who explained why AI applications are becoming more ubiquitous in our lives.

“We have a society is based on trust. Can I trust AI? Can I expect it to do exactly what I want it to do — no more, no less?” Cohen said. “We look into trust and verifiability. And that's what we're having panel discussions on.”

AI applications are becoming more common with innovations such as self-driving cars or computer programs that can write papers or songs or create artwork.

“Some people believe there's a danger to humanity. AI will take over. I don't think it will take over,” Vladik Kreinovich, a computer science professor at the University of Texas-El Paso, an expert in AI systems who is attending the conference. 

“We have great tools like ChatGPT and we will use them. But these tools need explainability.”

Researchers are exploring the benefits of a type of artificial intelligence known as fuzzy logic that relies on degrees of truth rather than a binary true-false dichotomy. As a result, this artificial intelligence is both explainable and transparent.

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Dr. Ou Ma's Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering lab.

In Ou Ma's lab, students are working on autonomous robots that can locate a wall outlet and plug themselves in for recharging and satellites that can fix other satellites in space. Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand

Fox19 also highlighted robotics research in UC Professor Ou Ma's lab, where he, his students and his postdoctoral researchers are developing autonomous satellites that can refuel or repair other satellites in space.

In his lab, Ma is studying the complicated problem of approaching a malfunctioning or inoperable satellite that might be tumbling on its three axes in orbit and the challenge of reacting to that object's yaw, pitch and roll to safely capture it for repairs.

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Featured image at top: UC Aerospace Engineering Professor Kelly Cohen talks to Fox19's Jason Maxwell about the international conference on artificial intelligence taking place at UC's Digital Futures building. Photo/Michael Miller

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