Side hustle nation

In my endeavors to provide financial literacy ideas for the Money Management blog, I came across an intriguing and ultimately valuable website called Side Hustle Nation. It is a helpful tool for college students who can’t commit to a regular full-time job. It allows flexibility so you can earn money around your schedule. There’s even a Hustling 101 tab to help you decide if a side hustle is even for you! Here are some of the many features of this unique, helpful website:

  • Side-hustle generator: After asking a few questions about you (nothing compromising, of course), it spits out a list of unconventional ways of earning money, such as selling your browsing history to marketing companies. There seems to be a big demand for that.
  • Endless supply of blogs to help you hustle: There are countless blogs on this website, dealing with anything from landing income to the art of getting enough sleep to maximize your productivity. This isn’t a website like CareerBuilder — these are unconventional income streams that work around your schedule.
  • “Investment” tab: If having a robust platform to help you find side income isn’t enough, it also helps you think about investing your money. It’s a great all-encompassing website to get you started on your way to financial freedom.
  • Countless other resources: There are TED Talk videos, a side-hustle newsletter, a tab about self-publishing your own book and so much more. Furthermore, they have a free five-day $500 challenge that pushes you to add $500 to your bottom line.

Make time to check out this website. It is a comprehensive site that helps you manage your money now before you fall into debt, which can be very hard to overcome. Start thinking about ways to stream unconventional sources of income that work for you and your schedule.

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