UC Blue Ash launches new Artificial Intelligence program

Partnership with Intel will help students prepare for a career in AI

Professor working with a student on a laptop

UC Blue Ash professor Ahmed Mostayed, left, reviews an assignment with student Theo Engel during an Intro to AI course. Photo/UC Blue Ash.

The new Artificial Intelligence (AI) degree program at UC Blue Ash College is one of the few in Ohio that features the AI for Workforce program developed by Intel. It prepares students for a career in this fast-growing field in just two years.

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic worldwide as society learns more about how to use its limitless potential to enhance the work we do in nearly every type of industry and profession.

Students who pursue a degree in AI at UC Blue Ash do not need any prior tech or coding knowledge, but they should have an interest in those areas, as well as fundamental math skills. Students will study a wide range of topics that include machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision and AI ethics. The AI for Workforce program provides more than 500 hours of content for college courses, as well as professional training for faculty.

“Artificial intelligence holds immense potential as a transformative force, reshaping jobs and industries. For the U.S. to be globally competitive, it must develop an AI-ready workforce. Intel is committed to bringing AI everywhere and expanding digital readiness,” said Brian Gonzalez, executive director of Government Partnerships and Initiatives at Intel Corporation. “We greatly value this collaboration with UC Blue Ash to bring AI courses and an AI associate degree track to Ohio, which will be vital for helping businesses find skilled AI professionals.”

Intel is constructing two new semiconductor chip factories in Licking County, Ohio, near Columbus. The $20 billion project will develop groundbreaking technology and is expected to create approximately 3,000 new jobs when production is scheduled to begin in 2027.

three people posing with bearcat mascot statue

Intel executives Brian Gonzales, left, and Stan Ball, right, recently visited the UC Blue Ash campus and Dean Robin Lightner, center. Photo/UC Blue Ash.

Many business analysts see AI as a job creator across nearly every type of industry. Forbes notes that as the job market evolves, both employers and the employed will implement a growing number of AI solutions to give themselves a cutting-edge advantage. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there will be 11.5 million data-related job openings by 2026.

The UC Blue Ash AI degree program is designed to prepare graduates for in-demand entry level positions by teaching them about the practical applications of AI in a variety of industries, such as health care, finance and manufacturing. Students in the program could also have the opportunity to participate in internships with local companies and organizations.

“Our new Artificial Intelligence program is an important development as we continuously work to add academic degree programs that offer valuable opportunities for our students and help meet the demand among businesses in our region and beyond,” said UC Blue Ash Dean Robin Lightner, PhD. “We truly appreciate Intel’s partnership in making this program possible.”

Along with preparing students for a career in just two years, the AI program offers students a pathway to continue their education toward a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, mathematics, statistics or other similar programs. The curriculum at UC Blue Ash is aligned with the UC Uptown campus, so students can make a seamless transition toward their bachelor’s degree if they choose that path.

Learn more about the AI program at UC Blue Ash.

Learn about the Intel AI for Workforce program at Intel.

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The new Artificial Intelligence (AI) degree program at UC Blue Ash College is one of the few in Ohio that features the AI for Workforce program developed by Intel. It prepares students for a career in this fast-growing field in just two years.


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