Cincinnati Refined: UC dean runs nonprofit to promote STEM education

Lifestyle publication highlights engineering associate dean

Digital lifestyle and wellness magazine Cincinnati Refined highlighted University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science Associate Dean Whitney Gaskins as part of its Female Founders monthly series. 

Whitney Gaskins

Dr. Whitney Gaskins is a three-time UC graduate, associate dean of CEAS, and founder of non-profit organization The Gaskins Foundation.

A three-time UC graduate, Gaskins is dedicated to supporting and promoting Cincinnati youth endeavors in STEM. At UC, she serves as associate dean of the college's Office of Inclusive Excellence and Community Engagement where she works to foster student support, retention, and professional development. One way she does this is through the summer bridge program, where admitted first-year students spend a portion of their summer on campus, creating a "bridge" between their high school and higher education career.

Gaskins' efforts within CEAS prompted her to create the Gaskins Foundation, a nonprofit organization that aims to educate and empower underserved communities. Her motivation for this was her recognition that students should be introduced to STEM prior to high school, in hopes of inspiring them from a young age. 

One of the main facets of the foundation is the year round K-12 program: Cincinnati STEMulates. STEMulates is a free series of programs for pre-collegiate students that shows them the opportunities — and fun — involved in math and science. 

Since its origin, the Gaskins Foundation has made a difference in the lives of thousands of students, both in and beyond the Cincinnati area. 

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Featured image at top: Whitney Gaskins is making an impact in the lives of students in and beyond the Cincinnati area. Photo/pixabay

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