DAAPworks '24 showcases the "Next" generation of creative talent

Discover the extraordinary achievements of graduating artists and designers

The University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) is once again taking center stage with its highly anticipated annual exhibition, DAAPworks 2024. The event, held at the university's stunning Aronoff Center for Design and Art, showcases the extraordinary talents and creative endeavors of graduating students across various disciplines.

The College of DAAP invites everyone to attend DAAPworks 2024 and witness the incredible talent emerging from the College of DAAP. The exhibition will run in-person from the start of the opening reception, April 23rd at 6:00 PM, through April 27th at 2:00 PM, providing ample time for visitors to explore and engage with the remarkable creations on display.

In addition to the physical exhibition, DAAPworks 2024 will, for the fifth year, offer virtual components, allowing a global audience to experience the creativity and innovation emanating from the University of Cincinnati. The virtual platform ensures that the work of these talented graduates reaches a wider audience and establishes connections with professionals and art enthusiasts worldwide. Whether attending in person or virtually, DAAPworks promises an unforgettable experience celebrating the intersection of art, design, and innovation.

DAAPworks has become a hallmark event for the university and college, attracting attention not only from the UC community but also from the broader Cincinnati area and beyond. This year's exhibition promises to be another spectacular display of innovation, skill, and artistic expression, featuring the work of students who have dedicated years to refining their craft.

Photograph of a female wearing jean overalls sitting crisscross. She is blindfolded. She has a hand raised lightly. She is surrounded by boxes. She appears to be in a garage or storage unit.

Artwork by Multidisciplinary Artist, Peiyu Liu | MFA '24

The 2024 exhibition covers student from diverse range of disciplines, including architecture, urban planning, fine arts, and communication design — to name a few. Each unique program contributes to the overall richness and diversity of DAAPworks, highlighting the college's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration.

While most disciplines are a part of the tradition exhibition, the MFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the culminating works of the Master of Fine Arts students at the University of Cincinnati and Miami University at the Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) prior, starting Friday, February 23, and ending on Sunday March 17. 

Fashion Sketch of a girl in a purple dress over the purple School of Design DAAPworks logo.

DAAP Fashion Show '24 Lockup | Fashion Sketch by Randall Wilson

The iconic DAAP Fashion Show falls on the Friday evening of DAAPworks on April 26, 2024. The live runway show, showcasing our fashion design seniors, will return to the sensational new venue, MegaCorp Pavillion. 

Each unique program within DAAP contributes to the overall richness and diversity of the DAAPworks exhibition, highlighting the college's commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration.

One of the highlights of DAAPworks is the opportunity for visitors to engage with the artists and designers themselves. Rather you attend the MFA Exhibit, the opening reception of DAAPworks, or the Fashion Show, the event provides a platform for students to discuss their work, inspirations, and the creative process that led to their final projects. This interactive component not only enhances the viewer's understanding of the pieces but also fosters a sense of connection between the creators and audience.

DAAPworks logo.

DAAPwork's logo: based on the Napkin Sketch submission by Brendán Murphy, UC DAAP Alumnus '93.

This year's showcase not only unveils the extraordinary talents of DAAP's graduating seniors but also introduces a symbolic logo. The 2024 DAAPworks logo, designed by University of Cincinnati alumnus, Brendán Murphy, celebrates the powerful intersection of DAAP's diverse disciplines, where creativity thrives through the seamless fusion of talents and ideas. 

The logo stands as a visual representation of how DAAP's collaborative harmony accelerates innovation for the “Next” frontier. Each unique school is represented by an overlapping circle of a different color. The graceful amalgamation of the four-colored, concentric circles forms a synergistic intersection, representing the college of DAAP.

Featured photo at top, DAAPwork's logo: based on the Napkin Sketch submission by Brendán Murphy, UC DAAP Alumnus '93.

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