Two University of Cincinnati students make the 2024 GDUSA Students To Watch list

Congratulations to Spencer Roberts and Joey Woods for their incredible achievement

In a proud moment for the University of Cincinnati, two outstanding students from the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) have secured coveted spots on the GDUSA Students To Watch list for 2024. Spencer Roberts and Joey Woods have emerged as rising stars in the graphic design arena, showcasing the excellence fostered in UC's renowned Communication Design program.

The GDUSA Students To Watch list is an annual recognition that spotlights the most promising talent from leading art and design schools across the United States. It features a diverse array of students, ranging from undergraduates to those pursuing graduate or continuing education, all of whom have demonstrated significant personal and professional growth through their respective programs.

Spencer Roberts and Joey Woods, have each earned their places on this esteemed list by pushing creative boundaries and embodying the spirit of innovation.

Spencer Roberts Headshot in black and white. The & typography he created overlays the lower left corner of his photo.

Spencer Roberts

Spencer Roberts, is a designer pursuing a bachelor of science in Communication Design at the University of Cincinnati — in the city where he's studied, worked, eaten, and scratched his design itch since 2019. He is passionate about designing brand identities, environmental graphics, and making things move, all with a typographic through-line, often borrowing from the forms, textures, and colors of historic Cincinnati.

Working alongside mentor and Professor Reneé Seward in UC's Digital Futures Learning by Design Lab, Spencer is on a mission to create literacy typefaces that empower young students struggling to read through the power of type design and emerging technology. 


Cincinnati, is the city to which I owe my passion.

Joey Wood Communication Design '24

Joey Wood Headshot in black and white.

Joey Wood

Joey Wood’s roots are based in Cincinnati, a city to which he owe’s his passion. He was born here because of his grandfather's cross-country pursuit of graphic design in the late 1960s. Rooted in Cincinnati, Joey has a deep and unwavering love for graphic design—a true source of joy in the endless experience of visual storytelling and creative expression. He believes that thoughtful attention, beauty, and life should be infused into everything we interact with. His lesser, but still cherished, passions include creating motion collages, running in the cold, and exploring the history of our city.


Spencer and Joey's inclusion on this prestigious list not only highlights their individual accomplishments but also underscores the strength and impact of the design education offered at UC. The University of Cincinnati takes pride in its students' achievements and remains dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages innovation, creativity, and excellence. Spencer Roberts and Joey Woods serve as exemplary ambassadors of UC's commitment to nurturing creative minds and preparing students for success in the dynamic field of graphic design. The two stand as shining examples of the bright future that awaits graduates from UC DAAP's program, reaffirming the institution's status as a hub for emerging talent in the world of design.

Featured image at top: Spencer Roberts' Typography design. Photo/Spencer Roberts.

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