UC Law professors recognized for their scholarly achievements

Congratulations to two University of Cincinnati College of Law faculty members who have been honored with awards that recognize their scholarly body of work.

Lynn Bai, professor of Law, is the recipient of the Harold C. Schott Scholarship Award. Professor Bai’s scholarship focuses on corporate governance, shareholders’ rights, and securities law. Her work explores, among other topics, how changing judicial interpretations of shareholders’ rights affect the incentives of both corporations and their competitors in potentially unexpected ways. Beyond cogent doctrinal analysis, Professor Bai’s research also frequently incorporates empirical methods. She has also worked to make our students part of the scholarly enterprise, not merely as research assistants but as co-authors. Her recent work has appeared in the Emory Corporate Governance and Accountability Review, the Michigan Journal of Law Reform’s companion site Caveat, and the University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law

The Schott Award is given to a faculty member for their outstanding research and scholarly achievement, based on a collective body of work.

Michael Solimine, Donald P. Klekamp Professor of Law, is the recipient of the Faculty Excellence Award. Funded by the Twenty-Fifth Reunion Faculty Excellence Fund, this award recognizes a faculty member who has made the greatest scholarly contribution to legal education within a single year. Professor Michael Solimine has published multiple articles on election law, judicial procedure, and legal history in 2022–2023. This includes co-authored papers in the peer-reviewed Election Law Journal and Social Science Quarterly, as well as articles in the Case Western Reserve Law Review and Indiana Law Journal Supplement.

Lead photo: Perkins Will Design;  Faculty photos: UC Photography

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