DAAP Fashion Show April 26: 2019 freshmen graduating with style, versatility, resilience

Admission prices expanded for ticket to the hottest show in town

Twenty-eight University of Cincinnati student designers will showcase their collections at the 71st DAAP Live Fashion show, starting at 7:30 p.m., Friday, April 26, at MegaCorp Pavilion, an indoor/outdoor concert venue adjacent to Newport on the Levy in Northern Kentucky.

The fashion show, with nearly 100 designs by 2024 graduates, will also have an expanded general admission offering this year (standing room only), in addition to the traditional ticket offerings.

Ticket Prices:

  • $175 benefactor tickets feature the best seats in the house along with admission to the VIP "Meet the Designers" cocktail reception prior to the show and complimentary parking. 
  • $100 patron tickets feature excellent seating throughout the venue.
  • $60 limited availability release tickets.
  • $30 standing room only.
  • $25 friend of fashion student general bleacher seating requires a current college or high school student ID upon entry. 

Get tickets.

The 70th annual DAAP Fashion Show

DAAP Fashion Show 2023. Photo by Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand.

This graduating class is unique in that their first year was impacted by COVID-19, and their entire second year was spent mostly virtual; therefore, many of the initial co-op opportunities were either virtual or non-existent.

This class developed skills that no one could have planned for, says show director Laurie Wilson, associate director of student affairs and adjunct professor in the DAAP School of Design.

“This is something we have all been waiting for,” says senior Jensen Johnson, who explains that after five years of classwork, moving city to city with co-op and navigating the industry through a pandemic, “there will be nothing as rewarding as this show.”

The students didn’t plan on it, but they went on creative journeys that were deep and thoughtful, says Wilson.

“These inspirations will stay with them throughout their lives, along with the pride of surviving in an environment that no one expected,” she says.

Featured image at top: A pattern by design student Jensen Johnson for 2024 DAAP Fashion Show. Photo provided by DAAP. 

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