WLWT: Excitement building with Kelce brothers

UC students and faculty are pumped for New Heights event

For a pre-podcast segment, WLWT/Channel 5’s Lindsay Stone came to UC’s campus to get student and faculty reaction to the April 11 New Heights podcast featuring Travis and Jason Kelce and special guests including Joe Burrow.    

“I've been counting down the days,” second-year engineering major Amelia Leonard told Stone.

Leonard, who has tickets to the podcast, said that while she has hopes of a surprise appearance by Taylor Swift it won’t be a disappointment if Swift doesn’t show. That's because she’s been a fan of the Kelce brother’s podcast banter long before Travis and Taylor went public with their relationship.   

“I’ve listened to the podcast since it first aired,” says Leonard.  

Stone also interviewed faculty Anne Barr McAllister, an adjunct who teaches a general music class in the College Conservatory of Music (CCM) that focuses on the works of Taylor Swift, and Melissa Jacquart, an assistant professor in Arts and Sciences, who is set to teach a philosophy in the College of Arts & Sciences in the fall called Philosophy: Taylor’s Version.   

Both faculty members described their excitement about the podcast and the accompanying air of excitement on campus leading up to the event.  

Stone was also able to catch a few students between classes to get their reactions.  

Watch the segement and read the story.

Featured photo at top of Taylor Swift courtesy of UnSplash/Rosa Rafael

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WLWT: Excitement building with Kelce brothers

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