GE Aerospace, UC celebrate first class of GE Next Engineers

STEM program encourages students to consider studying engineering

The Business Courier highlighted a collaboration between the University of Cincinnati and the GE Foundation to introduce engineering to high-school students. 

GE Next Engineers celebrated its first 45 local graduates in this global program that encourages students to pursue careers in engineering.

About 40% of the students in the first group of graduates have been accepted to UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science in the fall, Associate Dean Whitney Gaskins told the Business Courier.

“The desired impact is to equip youth with the skills they need to build an engineering identity and pursue successful careers in engineering fields. By developing an equipped workforce, we will be able to increase representation in engineering,” Gaskins said.

GE Aerospace's Engineering Academy provides students ages 15 to 18 with hands-on experience, including design challenges, university campus exploration and interaction with GE volunteers. Grads who complete the program and meet eligibility requirements receive partial scholarships to support their engineering dreams.

GE Aerospace announced its collaboration with UC will continue through at least 2028.

GE Aerospace also works with students in England, Ethiopia and South Africa with plans to expand to Poland.

Read the Business Courier story.

Featured image at top: Next Engineers: Engineering Academy students toured GE Aerospace's Peebles, Ohio, facility as part of the college- and career-readiness program for high-schoolers interested in engineering. Photo/GE Aerospace

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