UC Housing launches innovative solution for loaning equipment to residents

Automated lending lockers in residence halls lets residents borrow a vacuum, board game, more, 24/7

Loaning items such as vacuums, cleaning supplies and recreation equipment at UC residence hall front desks (service centers) was time-consuming, hard to track and inefficient. Traditional logging methods by student employees proved ineffective, leading to tracking issues and staffing strains. This prompted UC to explore new solutions, leading to their discovery of RecRe automated lockers at a conference.  

The automated rental platform offered a state-of-the-art approach to inventory management and accountability, relieving the burden on student staff. Associate Director of Housing, Facilities Operations Michelle Sujka expressed enthusiasm about RecRe’s ability to provide 24/7 inventory access for students and streamline rental processes.   

Locker system near residence hall desk works with QR codes

Residents scan the QR code on the locker panel, which identifies item by locker, and gives the return deadline. Once the item is selected, the locker opens and the item can be removed. The rental is tied to central login to help maintain security of loaner items.

Initially launched as a pilot in two residential facilities, RecRe allows students to borrow various items like cleaning supplies and entertainment systems independently, significantly enhancing their residential experience. Now the lockers are in all core-campus residence communities. 

Read the UC case study RecRe published on their website, and their LinkedIn article.

TUC lockers take a different approach  

Lending locker system

With thousands using Tangeman University Center (TUC) daily, the same locker system provides students, faculty and staff free access to essentials such as chargers, umbrellas and calculators.

If they have time to play, students can borrow a card or board game, a football or other outdoor equipment. There’s even a collapsible wagon to transport items across campus.

The TUC lockers are located on 300 Level next to the Bearcat Promise Career Studio. Access and returns are limited to TUC hours.

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