MAICS: UC Presentations

The following UC presentations will be part of the MAICS conference:

R. S. Youssif and C. N. Purdy
Fuzzy Similarity Measures for Signal Pattern Classification
The rapid development of capable sensor electronics mandates the development of advanced algorithms that can process the electronic signals and provide useful interpretations. One interesting class of sensor-based systems is the “electronic nose” used for gas and odor detection in applications ranging from food products quality monitoring to warning of chemical or biological attacks. 

Roshdy Youssif  is a PhD student working on the development of hybrid intelligent systems for signal processing that can be used in electronic nose systems to enhance their gas and odor detection capability. His adviser is Carla Purdy.

Waibhav Tembe and Anca Ralescu
Context-based Correlation for Supervised Learning
Rinako Kamei and Anca Ralescu
Piecewise Linear Separability using Support Vector Machines
Under the supervision of their adviser, Anca Ralescu, graduate students Rinako Kamei and Waibhav Tembe work on various aspects of pattern learning and extraction. Tembe and Ralescu examine ways in which context affects the notion of similarity between patterns, while Kamei and Ralescu investigate algorithms for pattern extraction.
Rinako Kamei and Waibhav Tembe are graduate students. Their adviser is Anca Ralescu. 

Richard Horvitz and Raj Bhatnagar
Symbol Grounding and Cognitive Architecture
Graduate student Richard Horvitz works with adviser Raj Bhatnagar to develop ways in which computers can distinguish one letter, or linguistic symbol, from another, just as the human brain does.  

Ahmed Khedr and Raj Bhatnagar
Finding Global Paths in Distributed and Mobile Subgraphs
Graduate student Ahmed Khedr is developing an algorithm that accesses and computes data stored in multiple locations on the Internet.

Xiangdong Liu and Yizong Cheng
Simulated Annealing in the Biclustering of Gene Expression Data

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