UC College of Law Leads Ohio Bar Exam Results

Adding to its legacy as Ohio's leader over the last decade, the University of Cincinnati College of Law led all Ohio law schools in performance on just-released results from the most recent Ohio Bar exam.

Graduates from the UC College of Law passed the February 2003 test at a 72 percent clip, the highest rate among all nine of Ohio's law schools. UC law students have led the state in results on the July exams in nine of the last 10 years. For the July 2002 test, the one year UC didn't lead the state, the school finished second.

This latest success adds to an impressive list of academic accomplishments posted by the UC College of Law.

  • Admissions criteria - Since 1992, the UC College of Law has led every Ohio law school in the admissions credentials of its incoming class. This year's new class is among the best qualified in the college's history. It was selected from a pool of 1,176 applicants, the largest number in at least six years. It features a median undergraduate grade point average of 3.51 - an improvement over last year's mark of 3.44 - and matches last year's median LSAT test score of 160 (out of a possible 180), which was the highest median mark in six years.
  • Placement - Over the past 10 years, UC College of Law graduates have enjoyed 92 percent to 95 percent employment every year, a statistic well above the national average. The percentage of 2002 graduates employed nine months after graduation was 94 percent (112 of 119).
  • Diversity - In 2000, UC Law ranked 11th nationally in minority enrollment, and no public law school enrolled more minority students with higher admissions credentials. Over the last decade, UC has consistently enrolled women at 40-50 percent of each class and the Princeton Review placed UC Law in its Top 10 for female enrollment. For 2002-2003, of 179 ABA approved law schools (excluding historically African American Schools and Puerto Rican Schools) only eight law schools had a higher percentage of women faculty, and only nine law schools had a higher percentage of minority faculty than UC Law.

UC will send another superbly prepared class into the real world on May 18, when the College of Law holds its 170th annual Hooding Ceremony.

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