Students Lend Their Labor to a Threatened Island

We’ve just finished our first presentation to Hersonissos (Crete) Mayor Spyros Danelis and other officials in the municipality. 

In the presentation, one UC team concentrated on transportation and congestion problems in Hersonissos.  Crete’s Old National Road forms the transportation backbone of the town, and both tourist traffic bound for Hersonissos and other users heading for other destinations beyond the city make heavy use of the road through town, making for congestion and increased risk of injury for motorists and pedestrians alike.  Right now, the UC transportation researchers are prioritizing the best ways that this coastal town can resolve its traffic problems, whether that be construction of side streets, a bypass around town, designation of “pedestrian-only” streets as well as protection of a coastal pedestrian corridor along the beach road.

Menelaos Triantifillou, David Parish and Brian Hanson

Menelaos Triantifillou, David Parish and Brian Hanson

In the nearby town of Anisaras, Mayor Danelis’ main concern is developing tourism that promotes economic growth while maintaining the integrity of the environment, culture and services for residents.  In other words, he wants to avoid the problems that have already occurred in so many parts of the municipality:  choking traffic congestion, pollution that is rapidly degrading coastal areas, shortages of potable water, loss of economic and environmental diversity and dilution of native traditions and cultures.  Anisaras needs to adopt a sustainable development plan that fits local current local needs, one that can stretch to fit future circumstances as well. 

For more on the work by the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning team, see:

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