Langsam Library -- Then and Now

Association of Research Libraries Rankings (Includes all of University Libraries plus the Law and UC Medical Center libraries)

  • 1978  86
  • 2003  47

Volumes held: University Libraries

  • 1978  1,217,245
  • 2001/2002 2,320,408

Volumes Held: Langsam Library

  • 1978  650,000
  • 2001/2002 Over one million

Interlibrary loans to other libraries
UC is one of the founders of the Ohio Library and Information Network (OhioLINK), which provides Internet access to Ohio’s college and university libraries and the State Library of Ohio.

  • 1978  12,220
  • 2001/2002 70,384

Public computers at Langsam Library

  • 1978  0
  • 2003  200

Library Space

  • Langsam Library: 216,000 sq. ft., or five acres
  • The former main library (Blegen): 93,000 sq. ft.

Top 10 books, UC Libraries

1. “Pathologic Basis of Disease”
2. “Nursing Theorists and Their Work”
3. “Pathophysiology: Concepts of Altered Health States”
4. “Luckmann and Sorensen’s Medical-Surgical Nursing: A Psychological Approach”
5. “The War of the Flea: A Study of Guerilla Warfare Theory and Practice”
6. “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine”
7. “Music Reference and Research Materials”
8. “The Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs and Biologicals”
9. “Medical Microbiology and Immunology”
10. “Introduction to Algorithms”

Top 10 videos, UC Libraries

1. “The Gods Must Be Crazy”
2. “Daphnis and Chloe”
3. “Blade Runner”
4. “Schindler’s List”
5. “Taxi Driver”
6. “Forrest Gump”
7. “Casablanca”
8. “Independence Day”
9. “Saving Private Ryan”
10. “The Insider”





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