UC s College Of Engineering Receives Another Grant From U.S. Department Of Energy


Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Spencer Abraham announced the award in the Fuel Cell Prototyping Center Groundbreaking ceremony in Canton, Ohio, on Oct. 13.  Ohio Governor Bob Taft spoke during the ceremony, which was also attended by UC Acting Vice President of Research Sandra Degen and Professor Jerry Lin.

The recently announced Department of Energy grants of nearly $5 million are to help fund hydrogen research projects as part of the federal government’s effort to strengthen America’s energy security and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Work resulting from the awards is expected to increase the United States’ leadership in hydrogen technology. The recipients were chosen through a merit-review, competitive solicitation process.

UC will contribute $501,310 to the project, whose principal investigators are professors Lin and Panagiotis (“Peter”) Smirniotis from the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering. The goal of the four-year project is to develop a technology to reduce the steps currently used during reforming processes that produce hydrogen. UC will be collaborating with The Ohio State University and New Mexico Tech (formerly known as the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology).

Visit the College of Engineering and the Department of Energy Web pages for more information.

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