The University of Cincinnati s Science & Engineering Expo 2005 Seeks Departmental Involvement Even From Non-Technical Types!

UC is hosting the Ohio Academy of Science Southwest District Science & Engineering Expo (SEE) on April 2, 2005. This science fair is open to all grade 7–12 students in Hamilton, Butler, Clermont, Preble and Warren counties who received a “superior” rating at their schools’ science fairs. The top 70 exhibits from UC’s SEE will compete at the State Science Day at The Ohio State University on May 7, 2005.

To: The UC community

From: Tom Cruse, associate provost, Science & Engineering Expo 2005 committee chair

At next April's Science & Engineering Expo, we expect more than 400 student exhibits and attendance of approximately 1,200 parents, siblings and school teachers — not to mention about 200 UC faculty, staff and students for this event. Our hope is that many UC departments will choose to participate in one or more of the many possible roles discussed below.

First, in order to run a successful science fair, UC needs the support of the local community. This support involves monetary and non-monetary contributions and sponsoring special awards in a related field (previous awards have ranged from $25 to $1000).

One way that departments can contribute is “gifts in kind.” Many high-school students would appreciate an opportunity to network with college faculty and students in their chosen field. Perhaps your department could organize a one-day science camp or lab tour. Publications and specialty items would also make appropriate non-monetary awards.

If you wish to sponsor a special award in one of the categories above, you may provide your own judging team or provide us with the criteria for the award. You may also design your own certificate or one can be designed for you. All students participating will receive some kind of certificate; some will receive multiple award certificates.

Second, we will need people who have scientific backgrounds who can be judges. The judges will work in teams, preferably with one UC expert and one external expert on each.  

Third and final, departments can help by providing student volunteers to help parents and students with directions, act as runners on the exhibit floor and many other tasks. Volunteers will receive a free t-shirt and our many thanks!

If you would like to help, please contact me at or by phone at 6-2985 for further information on how your department can be a part of this historic day! If you are definitely interested in sponsoring a special award, please contact Dr. Jon Breiner at 6-0713 or at



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