Gift-in-Kind to UC College of Business Puts Future Business Leaders on the Cutting Edge

Students in the University of Cincinnati’s College of Business will have a new edge when it comes to real-world experience, thanks to a gift-in-kind from Bluespring Software.

The gift, Business Process Management Software (BPMS) with a commercial value of $375,000, will be offered in all College of Business labs and will be integrated into the curriculum of the Information Systems (IS) department. Business Process Management (BPM) involves efficiently aligning an organization with the wants and needs of clients by helping companies model, implement and monitor the alignment process.

In today’s global economy, businesses need to be able to make quick adjustments to meet rapidly changing market forces and to take advantage of new technologies.

Business process modeling and analysis are key skills for all business professionals, particularly those in information systems. “We are grateful to Bluespring for this generous gift,” said IS department head, Associate Professor Vivek Choudhury. “Having Bluespring’s state-of-the-art BPM software as an integral part of our courses will serve as an important differentiator for our programs and our students.”

In years past, this type of change began as diagrams on conference room walls, and required long lead times to get any changes into development. Business Process Management software allows businesses to refine and automate the process, making it much faster to production.

BPM software is quickly becoming the platform upon which forward-thinking enterprises are choosing to build complex solutions, according to Blaine Clark, President and COO of Bluespring.

“We are honored that UC’s College of Business has chosen to partner with Bluespring Software as the software provider for new class curriculum in Business Process Management,” says Clark. “As one of the leading providers of BPM Software, and a member of the Vora Group family of companies based in Cincinnati, we are elated to be able to contribute to our community in such a meaningful way.” Mahendra Vora, chairman of Bluespring Software, Inc. is a member of the UC College of Business Information systems Advisory Board.

The software will enrich the real-world experiences of the next generation of Cincinnati business leaders.

“We are grateful to have generous business partners like Bluespring Software,” said Dean Will McIntosh, PhD. “With this kind of support, our students have a wonderful opportunity to hit the ground running in their careers.”

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