International Students Rank UC Among Nation s and World s Best in Learning and Living Services

In the latest International Student Barometer (ISB), the University of Cincinnati ranked first among national peers in providing certain learning and living opportunities to international students. Globally, UC ranked in the world’s top 15 in these and other categories.

The International Student Barometer is an annual survey of international students attending 203 global institutions. The survey has been conducted since 2005 by i-graduate International Insight Group, an independent benchmarking and consultancy service.

Among the U.S. schools participating in the survey are UC, Arizona State University, Drexel University, Indiana University, Michigan State University and Northeastern University. Global participants include European institutions like Cambridge University, Kings College London and Leiden University.

Among the 13 participating U.S. universities, UC ranked either


or in the top three in a number of “learning” opportunities, including

  • Learning spaces
  • Managing research
  • Online library
  • Opportunities to teach
  • Physical library
  • Technology
  • Virtual learning

In addition, UC also ranked


or in the top three among U.S. institutions on the following “living” opportunities:

  • Earning money
  • Financial support
  • Host friends
  • Housing costs
  • Internet access
  • Living costs
  • Sports facilities

Finally, UC ranked


or in the top three among U.S. institutions on the following “arrival” services:

  • Bank account
  • Contact to response (response time between first inquiry and UC response to that inquiry)
  • Finance office
  • First night
  • Host friends
  • Housing condition
  • Internet access
  • Response to offer (response time between submission of admission materials and UC notification regarding admission) 
  • Registration
  • Social activities
  • Study sense
  • University orientation
  • Welcome

Among global universities, UC ranked in the top 15 in the following categories and areas:

“Arrival” category

  • Finance office
  • Welcome

“Learning” category

  • Expert lecturers
  • Good teachers
  • Grading criteria
  • Opportunities to teach

“Living” category

  • Earning money
  • Financial support
  • Sport facilities
  • Visa advice

“Support services“ category

  • Student advising

UC’s Ron Cushing, director of International Services, explained that the survey helps UC to develop continuous-improvement processes, to address needs and communicate improvements, and to provide insight on how to better tailor instruction to cultural differences in a global institution.

Overall, he added, UC was ranked No. 2 among the 13 U.S. institutions participating in the survey and at No. 85 among the 203 total number of participants around the world.

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