Langsam Library's 4th Floor Open 24/7 Beginning Aug. 21

As the university’s main library, the Walter C. Langsam Library -- and especially the busy fourth floor -- is a destination of choice for University of Cincinnati students. Beginning Aug. 21, UC students, faculty and staff looking for a place to study for an exam, access a public computer or meet with a project team to finish an assignment will have access to the fourth floor of Langsam Library 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

No library staff or services requiring assistance will be available after The Desk@Langsam closes; however, security will be present thanks to UC’s Public Safety. A valid UC ID is required to enter the library after The Desk@Langsam closes. The hours for The Desk@Langsam and the Student Technology Resources Center (STRC) are listed online at


Langsam Library, including the 24/7 space, will close on university holidays, Winter Seasonal Days and university delays and closings in the case of inclement weather.

Providing 24/7 access to Langsam’s 4th floor space is just one of the exciting changes occurring in the library to make it more inspirational, flexible, dynamic and collaborative, conducive for group and individual work. Other recent changes to Langsam Library include:

  • The Desk@Langsam was moved back to create more open space at the entrance of the library. The former Info Commons desk was removed creating one service point.
  • The Learning Commons (previously the Info Commons) has undergone dramatic change with new comfortable and modular furniture, a central location for the Public Library’s Popular Reading Collection and new graphic signage on the concrete columns to provide additional way finding.
  • The public computers formerly found in the UCit@Langsam space on the 5th floor were moved down to the 4th floor to make them more centrally located and available 24/7.
  • A new Langsam Starbucks located on the east wall of the library near the entrance is scheduled to open with the start of fall classes.
  • Flexible seating and new presentation software was added to the north side of the 4th floor to provide an area for meetings and gatherings.

Stay tuned as additional changes are planned for Langsam Library to create even more exciting and innovative ways to deliver library services in order to connect with students, faculty, researchers and scholars in new and more direct ways.

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