Register Now for UC Serves Day of Community Service

UC Serves is celebrating a milestone in 2018: The fifth anniversary of bringing together staff and faculty from around the institution to make connections and give back to the community. To celebrate this milestone, we have a goal of 500 volunteers and 50 projects for May 18.

New Registration Process:

We are taking a new approach to registration by empowering you to choose your own service project from a list of options in the UC volunteer portal. At the registration page, you will have the option to select a project that appeals to you based on your interests and needs (type of project, organization name, location). Alternatively, you can choose the "REGISTER ME ANYWHERE" option. Once you find the right option for you, select “Respond” in the upper right-hand corner. NOTE: If it's your first time using the UC volunteer portal, you will be prompted to establish a user profile first, then you can return to this email to follow the link below and complete your registration. With an established user profile, you will be asked a few questions that are specific to UC Serves when you "Respond" to the project of your choice. Once you finish registration, you should get a confirmation email. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the process.

Before You Register:

As you look through the service sites, keep in mind that UC Serves is about making connections — meeting new people at the university and in the community. One of the most consistent messages we receive about UC Serves is how much people love meeting new colleagues. Please sign up based on the details of the project, the location, the organization — whatever speaks to you. We ask that you avoid signing up in groups based on offices. If you do not have a preference for where you serve or the type of work you do, register for the second option below, and you will be placed by our team and will receive confirmation of your location via email. Also, please check with your supervisor to ensure that they are aware of your participation. To help you select a project, we've created a Google map with details about all the projects. You can also search and filter the projects in various ways within the UC volunteer portal.

When you’re ready to register, choose your preferred option:

I want to choose my service site.

Please place me at any site.

We look forward to seeing you at UC Serves 2018!

About UC Serves:

UC connects with its neighbors and builds stronger connections within the campus community through UC Serves. UC Serves is a day especially for staff and faculty to share in the common experience of intentional, focused service to the communities surrounding University of Cincinnati campuses. In the same mold as the annual Into the Streets one-day service project for students, UC Serves offers staff the chance to give back to the community while building a stronger network of colleagues on campus through the shared experience of meaningful engagement.

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