UC College of Medicine Selected to Host Regional Conference for Med Students

The UC chapter of the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) will host a regional conference Oct. 17–19 at the College of Medicine.

The conference theme is “The Intersection of Social Justice and Health Care: Finding Our Way.”

AMSA is a national, student-governed organization with a membership of nearly 70,000 premed and medical students that addresses the concerns of physicians in training.

The UC chapter has approximately 200 members, according to second-year medical student Jessica Sisto, who serves as region co-president with William DeWitt, also a second-year student.

“The organization is dedicated to universal health care and improving student life,” Sisto says, emphasizing that student members are afforded optimum involvement from the local to national level.

Members can form grassroots action committees and make their case known at a national level by using the Web site or presenting at regional and national conferences.

“They provide a really clear picture of how you can be involved and become someone who belongs to a national organization where your opinion shapes the way the organization is heading,” she says.

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