UC Answers: Why choose business?

Dean Marianne Lewis shares why the Lindner College of Business is the right choice

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Why did you choose to study business?

Business is a very powerful problem-solving tool. Whether you are trying to start a new product or new business or trying to serve and enhance the well-being of a vulnerable population, business provides powerful tools. You need to understand how to manage money, data, risk, marketing. Most importantly, with business, you need to understand how to leverage and make the most of opportunities to serve people. And it's through that learning that you can start to see why running anything better — as a business — helps it to sustain and thrive. 

Why should students choose to study business?

Once upon a time, I think many students chose to study business to figure out how to make money. I think increasingly, students come to business to make a difference because they know that working through business skills, they can add so much value to this world, whether it's through innovation, through government, through nonprofits, through startups. There's such opportunity in business to make a difference. And I think we're seeing that increasingly in students, that if you find your passion, you can create a career out of it through business skills.

Why should a student choose to study business at Lindner College of Business?

At Lindner, we empower business problem solvers by blending academic and experiential learning. More importantly, it's about five distinctive characteristics that are a powerful combination. First: co-op. Practicing. Business skills at work. Second, a problem-solving mindset — from projects in the classroom to work in the field, trying out skills. 

Third, it's about flexibility. Learning is personal, and at UC, with a variety of disciplines, majors and minors, you have over 400 possible combinations. Fourth, it's our inclusive and vibrant Lindner community. This is a place that cares about you, cares about each other. And finally, Cincinnati. We live and work in a wonderful city that serves as our learning laboratory, a city renowned for a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as major Fortune 500 companies. This is a wonderful place to work and learn and live.

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At Lindner, we are committed to developing the next generation of business leaders. Through personalized career coaching and experiential learning, our students graduate with a competitive advantage in the workforce and are strongly positioned to address a multitude of today’s global business challenges. Connect with Lindner today.