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See the Top 10 Countdown to the Most-Read UC Stories of 2011

Your clicks have been counted in tallying the university’s Top 10 news stories of 2011. UC research and rankings dominate among the most-popular items.

Date: 1/11/2012 12:00:00 AM
By: M.B. Reilly
Phone: (513) 556-1824

UC ingot   In 2011, University of Cincinnati news stories attracted more than 3.6 million unique visits, an increase of 1.5 million unique visits made to UC news stories in 2010.

The most consistently popular news produced by the university, year after year, are items related to research out of the university and rankings earned by the university. Indeed, some of these stories turn up in the Top 10 over multiple years. See for yourself below.

No. 10 (4,283 queries)
UC Research Uncovers Late Bronze Age Fortress
UC research in Cyprus reveals the remnants of a Late Bronze Age (1500-750 B.C.) fortress that may have functioned to protect an important urban economic center in the ancient world.

No. 9 (4,489 queries)
2012 Design Rankings: Four UC Programs in Nation’s Top Tier
The 2012 national report card on U.S. design programs is just out. That national survey of employers ranked four UC programs in the top 10 among industrial design, interior design and architecture categories.

No. 8 (4,661 queries)
Fossils Record Ancient Migrations and Trilobite Orgies
Fossilized “snapshots” provide University of Cincinnati paleontologist Carlton E. Brett and colleagues with new insights into the behavior of ancient marine creatures.

No. 7 (4,817 queries)
UC Research Uncovers a Secret Society Connecting through the Internet
UC researchers reveal a new social support group that’s emerging on the Web – a secretive society to encourage negative behaviors associated with eating disorders.

No. 6 (4,914 queries)
New 2011 Design Rankings: UC Programs Excel in a National Class
A national survey of employers ranks UC design programs among the best in the nation. The new 2011 rankings: UC’s interior design program holds the nation’s No. 1 spot, and architecture is at No. 6. UC’s undergraduate industrial design program is at No. 2.

No. 5 (5,187 queries)
UC Interior Design in No. 1 in Nation, Industrial Design No. 2, Architecture No. 5
UC pulls rank with its design programs. The undergraduate interior design program was just named No. 1 in the nation for the ninth straight year. Other design programs ranked as high as No. 2 and No. 3, with all – interior design, industrial design and architecture – consistently ranking in the nation’s Top 10.

No. 4 (6,500 queries)
Forbes: UC Named Among World’s Most Beautiful Campuses
Forbes named UC among the world's most beautiful college campuses. Others making that short list were Oxford University in England as well as Princeton, Stanford, Yale and the University of Virginia.

No. 3 (6,557 queries)
In February Journal, UC and Industry Experts Predict Future of Electronic Devices, See Top 10 List of Expected Breakthroughs
In the first published critical review of technical developments related to electronic paper devices (i.e., e-readers like the Amazon Kindle), UC researcher Jason Heikenfeld and industry counterparts review the next generation of these devices.

No. 2 (6,611 queries)
Raymond Walter College Now Called UC Blue Ash College
UC’s Board of Trustees approved renaming Raymond Walters College as UC Blue Ash College. The approval, which occurred at the trustees' June 21 meeting, more effectively projects the college's two major strengths: the UC brand and its Blue Ash location, both aspects most commonly cited by incoming students as reasons for enrolling at the school.

No. 1 (8,393 queries)
UC Sports Researcher Pitches Pictorial History of Cincinnati Reds
UC archivist Kevin Grace teams with UC alum and former Cincinnati Post photographer Jack Klumpe for an amazing photographic history of the nation’s first professional baseball team.