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Convenient. Safe. Widely accepted. No transaction fees.

Use at 60+ locations on campus, and 80+ off campus!

Bearcat Card Bargains (click for more)


Papa John's - Campus

Purchase a slice of pizza and get a FREE breadstick! Offer valid October 19-25.

We hope you like the upgraded version of the Bearcat Card system!

Take advantage of what the new system has to offer and see how it provides a better user experience.

Questions about the upgrade? Contact the Bearcat Card Office at or call 513-556-2000.


Adding money to your Bearcat Card

We suggest adding at least $1,050 to your Bearcat Card each semester to cover basic expenses. Here's a breakdown of what those expenses could be:

Suggested Semester Budget Minimum Ideal
Textbooks $600 $900
School Supplies $97 $150
Laundry $75 $113
Photocopying $30 $37
Vending $21 $52
Convenience Items $67 $135
Other Food, Snacks $90 $225
Entertainment $70 $188
Total $1,050 $1,800