Terms & Conditions

1. Contract Offer

  1. The delivery of this contract by University of Cincinnati Bearcat Card services, to the person named, constitutes a deposit to the Bearcat Card account. This offer is contingent upon its acceptance and return with payment by the person named.

2. Deposits and Withdrawals

  1. Cash withdrawals from the Bearcat Card account are not permitted.
  2. The Bearcat Card Account will be activated when payment is received; additional deposits may be made at any time. The Bearcat Card Account deposit will not be prorated.

3. University I.D. Card and Bearcat Card Account


  1. The Bearcat Card Account is non-transferable. The participant may be required to sign a receipt for goods and services.


4. Refunds

  1. The university agrees to refund the unspent amount in the Bearcat Card Account, in the event that the cardholder requests a refund.
  2. Refund requests must be submitted by completing the official form.
  3. Unless a refund request is requested within 5 years of last activity on the account, the account will be closed with any remaining balance forfeited to the University of Cincinnati.