Great Hall

Large meeeting room with many rows of chairs facing a large projector screen. On the stage is a podium and several chairs. There is dramatic lighting on the walls and ceiling around the screen,

Great Hall is TUCs largest and most versatile event space. It features a 770-guest occupancy, decorative versatility, and an outdoor terrace overlooking campus. A perfect venue for your events, Great Hall serves as a blank canvas for you to truly create your vision from scratch.

Great Hall Amenities

  • Built-in technology with a user-friendly interface providing access to house lighting, microphone, and device switching controls and a built-in PC at your fingertips in one convenient location.
  • Vast variety of environmental lighting that can be customized to your event theme.  
  • Piano

Room Capacities

Room dimensions are 143 ft. by 65 ft.
Set-up style definitions

Capacities of Great Hall by set-up style
Set-up Style Capacity
Lecture 770
Conference 100
Rounds (8 per table) 432
Tables for career/job fair 80
Tables around perimeter 35
U-Shape 75