Cardboard Recycling

Student unpacking a box in the package center

Don't want to carry the box back to your room? Unpack it in the package center, break down your box, and leave it in the bin to be recycled!

If you have to take the box with you, don't forget the convenient recycling bins near the residence halls.Replace with your introductory text.

Recycling Maps

Stratford Heights

recycling locations at stratford heights

Siddall & Calhoun

One recycling bin is at the end of Corbett Drive between Siddall and Corbett Center for the Performing Arts, and the other is at the Northeast corner of Calhoun, near Gettler Stadium.

Morgens, Scioto & Marian Spencer Halls

morgens, scioto, marian spencer recycling locations

Daniels, Dabney, Turner, Schneider & CRC Halls

daniels, dabney, turner schneider, crc recycling