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UC continues to prepare for its conversion to semesters on Aug. 27, 2012. Preparations for semester conversion student advising are underway. A first step students can take right now in that process is to verify a major by clicking on the “Verify My Major” option at OneStop.

Date: 5/19/2011 12:00:00 AM
By: M.B. Reilly
Phone: (513) 556-1824

UC ingot   The first day of the University of Cincinnati’s new semester calendar – Aug. 27, 2012 – is a little over a year away.  

The university continues to prepare: converting quarter-based courses to semester-based courses, while also preparing to advise students who will transition from quarters to semesters. Student advising to create an “Individual Advising Plan” (IAP) for all transitioning students will run from September 2011 through August 2012. Students will be encouraged to complete the IAP process before registering for Fall 2012 classes.  

And students can start that process right now by confirming your major via the “Verify My Major” option on OneStop. The “Verify My Major” process requires about 30 seconds – or less – to complete.

SEE brief “Verify My Major” instructions and FAQ here.

OR, go directly to log in to verify your major.

The process to complete an Individual Advising Plan (IAP) for each transitioning student begins with the student verifying his or her major, since timely degree completion in that major is the goal of the IAP.

According to Ned Donnelly, associate director in the Registrar’s Office, “Advisors can’t begin a student’s IAP process until that student verifies his or her major. That will help the advisor to determine that the student is eligible for degree or certificate completion and confirms that the student is not planning to change his or her major. So, you can look at completing the ‘Verify My Major’ step as prioritizing yourself for getting ready for the conversion. Within certain broad categories, students who have verified their majors will be prioritized when it comes to completing the IAP.”

He explained that the goal of the 2011-2012 effort to complete an IAP for every transitioning student will first focus on those who will be seniors in 2012-2013, and then, in turn, focus on those who will be juniors, sophomores and freshmen that year.

After visiting and completing the “Verify My Major” option at OneStop, the most important thing conversion transition students can do in order to prepare for semester conversion is to meet regularly with their academic advisors. Advisors will work with students to keep them on track for course-sequence completion and graduation.

Course sequences are two or three courses that are intended to be taken together in order to fulfill a degree or program requirement. These courses are meant to be taken in a specific order, as the earlier courses are generally prerequisites for later courses. If possible, a course sequence begun on the quarter system should be completed on the quarter system.
Examples include
  • Spanish I, II, III (15SPAN101, 15SPAN102, 15SPAN103)
  • College Algebra I, II (15MATH173, 15MATH174)
And students planning to repeat a quarter course in order to take advantage of UC’s grade-replacement policy should seek to repeat that quarter course before the conversion to semesters.