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Communiversity Offers Summer Wellness Series for Women

An expert in holistic wellness will offer three classes this summer to improve your emotional wellness.

Date: 6/19/2017 10:00:00 AM
By: Stephanie Smith

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The owner of a holistic wellness center will teach a series of three emotional-wellness classes for women this summer in a partnership with Communiversity at the University of Cincinnati.

Kristy Brandabur, a UC alumna (CECH ‘14) is the owner of Metamorphosis Holistic Wellness Center in Columbia-Tusculum, which offers services such as reiki, guided meditation, personal training and group fitness to help people be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

“I think as women are taking on more of the vital roles within our society, it is incredibly important for us to gain our power back,” she said, “and know how to set boundaries so that we don’t give up our power because our power is our strength.”

In a partnership with Communiversity at the University of Cincinnati, Brandabur will teach a series of three emotional-wellness classes for women this summer at her center: Setting Energetic Boundaries for Women (June 24), Introduction to Emotional Freedom (July 22) and Meditation: Personal Healing and Recovery (Aug. 19).

“I have always been really interested in alternative therapies, as I’m not a big pill-taker or doctor-visitor, despite the fact that my father taught at UC’s medical school for over 50 years. I just realized there was a lot I could do to help others outside of Western medicine,” Brandabur said.

“The idea of setting energetic boundaries is based upon the philosophy that we need to respect ourselves in terms of our mental, emotional, and physical boundaries,” she said.

During the three-hour workshop, women will identify where their boundaries are and develop a plan to honor them when dealing with the public, significant others, family and friends. According to Brandabur, Introduction to Emotional Freedom is a treatment technique that can be used to improve diet and self-esteem or to address post-traumatic stress disorder or quit smoking. “(Emotional Freedom Technique) is a blend of acupressure, psychology and energy healing that is used to redirect and reduce conflict that lies in the subconscious of our awareness,” she said. The third class, Meditation: Personal Healing and Recovery, focuses on guided meditation, which can help women discover clarity, relaxation and focused energy using visualization and breathing techniques, posture and hand positions.

“Whether you attend one or all of these workshops during the summer series, you will gain a better understanding of yourself. You will have tools in your medicine bag to create a better sense of peace and harmony within yourself, therefore allowing yourself to be more at ease in relationships and work,” Brandabur said.

Registration is $49 per class or $125 for all three. Participants are welcome to register for any or all of the classes by calling 513-556-6932 or online at

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