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Online Learning at Your Convenience

Our 12-lesson (6-week) online classes are available to you 24/7 anywhere you are. Learn by doing (assignments and activities included); save the lessons as you go to create a resource manual; and join the interactive discussions areas.

Use the great search feature to find the courses that interest you among the 200 titles we have for you.

Visit our Online Learning Link here for all the details or call us at 513-556-6932.



Discover the Fun of Painting

Jean Vance is offering two painting classes the weekend of August 23/24. Choose between Watercolor in a Day, Oriental Brush Painting in a Day...or take them both!

Jean has that rare combination of being a talented artist and a gifted teacher, and she especially enjoys introducing adults to the fun of painting.

No drawing or painting experienced needed - just come on to class so you can begin with the basics and end up with some beautiful paintings!


Won't You Learn to Take Care of Me?

Pet Care & First Aid

August 23rd is our next offering of the one-day class exploring what it takes to take care of your pet. Learn the 3 things you should do for your pet every day; ABC's of pet first aid; snout-to-tail assessment; pet CPR; rescue breathing; 10 situations that require immediate veterinary care; and more.

No furry friends will be in the classroom; all demos are done using life-like stuffed animals. Learn more details about the class here. Or call us at 513-556-6932.