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Count Your Money!

Check out the choice of dates: April 22/29 or May1/8 and sign up to come to the Loveland Intermediate School for two evenings of Retirement Planning Classes.

Money does matter; and our instructor, Marc Leavy, wants to help you acquire the tools necessary to make more informed decisions regarding your financial future. Our seminars are educational in nature - no products are promoted. You may find it's worth your investment of time, as hundreds of our former participants can attest!


Dogwood Blossoms


Do you find yourself doing the same thing over and over again -- and yet expect different results? You want to take our Weight Loss Hypnosis class to break old habits. The premise is that over-eating is a habit and hypnosis can stop the habit. Begin by identifying the stressors in your life, esplore what habits control your eating, and work to instill the desire to incorporate exercise as part of your life.

Class begins Wed., April 23 at the UC Victory Parkway Campus; our instructor invites you to "change your life as you experience hypnosis as a tool to reduce stress and change eating and exercise habits."

note taker

Taking a Test

Myth: You can ace the GRE or GMAT by simply taking a short term prep course. 

Reality: There is no substitute for paying attention in school.

However, we can assure you that our four-session Test Preparation classes, held on April 19 throughMay 17, will build your confidence and offer valuable strategies to help you perform your best on test day.