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Summer Catalog

Get Your Summer On!

Summer Communiversity Catalog is available and classes are forming now!

Lots of terrific classes to choose from - like "Edible Gardens: Tower to Table," "Travel Savvy," "Taking Better Photos," and "Farsi" too - just to name a few.

We invite you to browse through the categories and pick out what you'd like to take this summer!



Time to Get Fit!

Working Out

The flexibility you’ve asked for – take one, take all, or rotate among these classes by purchasing a “Fitness Flex Pass”: Zumba Fitness, Zumba Toning or Boot Camp Lite.

5:35 p.m. Tues, Wed., or Thurs.

UC Victory Parkway Campus (near Eden Park)

Try it, you’ll like it – details online - enroll yourself or call David at 556-6932 and he'll take care of it for you.



Put Youself in the Picture!

Put Yourself in the Picture and Learn Something New this Summer!

Understand the tides, give yoga a try, shake up the dance floor with Salsa dance, ballroom, or club dance lessons, play golf or tennis, make jewelry...

You get the picture - we've got a variety of class from which you may choose!  It's easy - just browse our categories of classes, pick one or two, then either sign yourself up David at 556-6932 and he'll do it for you!