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Grow a Farmer's Market on Your Back Porch!

Vertical, Soil-less Aeroponic Gardening

A Special Opportunity to Go Behind the Scenes at Krohn!

Join your instructor on Monday July 28th to explore "Aeroponic Gardens" in an on-site one-session class at Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park.

We are taking advantage of this unique opportunity - Krohn supporter and event partner Meghan Fronduti has been involved with the summer show at Krohn. The eco-friendly Tower Gardens on display there are on loan from Meghan and she is able to treat her class to an off-hours class session there!

Enroll in the class through Communiversity online or call us at 513-556-3932.


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OK to Blame it on My Siblings?

Our sibling relationships can have a huge influence on how we form partnerships as adults. Explore - in just one session - the childhood "laboratory," rigid roles, and unconscious loyalties ghat may impact how you are and how you react to your partner today.

Our instructor, Dr. Karen Gail Lewis knows how to have fun and make headway with this topic. Once you understand these connections, what do you want to do to make changes? Come on August 1st to find out in this brand new class entitled:
Can I Blame It on My Siblings: Loves Lessons Learned!


Ready, Set, Start Talking!

Voiceovers & Voice Acting

August 4th is our next offering of the one-evening class exploring what it takes to begin working as a voiceover artist. Learn about the different types of voiceovers and what too;ls are needed in order to find success in this industry. 

You will have the opportunity to get a taste of what it's like to be a voice actor as you perform a real voiceover script and are recorded. Come ready to laugh, learn and to inspired in An Introduction to Voiceovers.