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Explore Your World!

Learn to Tavel Savvy!

Join our October travel classes to learn from the experts. Discover how to plan your own indpendent trips to exotic places. Learn industry secrets and save a bundle. Find out the best sightseeing recommendations and information on transportation and accommodation options.

Start dates and class titles are listed below.

Travel Savvy                                 Oct. 5
Paris: A Real Insider's Guide           Oct. 8
Destination: India                           Oct. 12
Solo Travel                                    Oct. 19
Destination: Greece                        Oct. 26

It's easy - either sign yourself up David at 556-6932 and he'll do it for you!



Property Matters

Smart Choices About Property

Are you looking to sign on the dotted line and to acquire a home perhaps? There is a lot you should know first. Take our Oct. 6 & 13 "Steps to a Successful Home Purchase" class to learn from the pro's about vuying smart in today's market.

Do you already own rental units or are thinking of becoming a landlord? Go in with your eyes open and know that being a landlord is about so much more than just collecting the rent. Enroll in our "Landlord Fundamentals" class to prepare yourself!



Enhance Your Travels

Why Learn a Foreign Language?

“Learning a foreign language is more than just a boost to your CV or handy for travelling.

It will make you smarter, more decisive and even better at English, says Anne Merritt.” Read all about it in this article.

So why not take a language class with Communiversity – consider Arabic or Farsi for a challenge. Take English as a Second Language. Or enjoy German, Spanish, French, or Italian.

See our Language Class Listing for autumn season and have fun learning something new!