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Passport to Other Worlds!

You Don't Always Need a Passport to Explore Other Worlds!

You may want to visit Hawaii or learn to travel solo - if so , you'll want to check out our travel classes taught by Simone Kuzma.

Or you may want to "travel" to worlds beyond - if so, be sure to explore our two classes held in conjunction with the Cinvcinnati Observatory Center - "Behind the Scenes" and "Through the Telescope."

Try them, you’ll like it – details online - enroll yourself or call David at 556-6932 and he'll take care of it for you.



Put Youself in the Picture!

Put Yourself in the Picture and Learn Something New this Summer!

There's still time to take some of our noncredit classes this July and August!

Learn about the Voiceovers and Voice Acting field, explore the Six Dimensions of Wellness, improve your golf game, or prepare for the ACT or LSAT tests.

You get the picture - we've got a variety of classes from which you may choose!  It's easy - just browse our categories of classes, pick one or two, then either sign yourself up David at 556-6932 and he'll do it for you!