Elevate Your Environment: Mastering Space Clearing and Feng Shui for Success

Transform your space with Megan's dynamic class! Learn practical techniques for harmonizing your environment, optimizing productivity, and integrating feng shui principles.

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Elevate Your Environment: Mastering Space Clearing and Feng Shui for Success

Thursday, June 6, 6:00PM
$35 / One Class

Instructor: Megan Bolt
Location: Online (Zoom link sent day of class)

Discover the transformative power of space clearing and feng shui in this dynamic class designed for students and professionals alike. Led by Megan, a skilled Reiki practitioner, this introductory course offers practical techniques to easily incorporate space clearing into your everyday life.

Uncover the secrets of different types of spaces and learn how to optimize each one for maximum productivity. Megan will also unveil the benefits of using natural DIY cleaning products, ensuring a clean and energetically balanced environment. Explore the art of feng shui and discover how to seamlessly integrate its principles into your study and work areas, harnessing energy flow to enhance focus, creativity, and success.

Whether you're a student seeking academic excellence or a professional striving for career advancement, this class will empower you to create productive and harmonious spaces that support your goals. By effortlessly incorporating space clearing into your daily routine, you'll unlock the full potential of your study and work areas, transforming them into inspiring sanctuaries of motivation and achievement.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your environment and take your success to new heights. Enroll now and embark on a journey towards mastering space clearing and feng shui to set up your space for productivity, focus and rest.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Megan Bolt

Megan Bolt

Megan, Lightwork Living's founder, offers rich expertise in Herbal Remedies for Winter Wellness. With diverse holistic experience, she adeptly guides students toward optimal health and well-being.

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