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The key to success on the Law School Admission Test is practice, strategy and timing. This program provides you with the personalized touch of a highly experienced, nationally recognized test prep specialist.

We offer two LSAT prep options with Barron’s LSAT author and instructor Jay Cutts.

LSAT Personal Coaching Program: one-on-one expert guidance with lecture material, weekly assignments, and a customized study program. 

Special Prelaw Intensive with classroom option: guided, self-paced LSAT and admissions support online program with a live mentor.

LSAT Personal Coaching Program

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Course Dates: Start at any time. Your registration is good for 12 months.
Cost: $1,250
Instructor: Jay Cutts

Course Overview: You have up to 30 hours of personal coaching on all aspects of the LSAT. Up to one hour of the allotted hours can be used for law school admissions issues other than the LSAT.

Why this program? This is an highly-effective and affordable program that provides you with the personalized touch of an uniquely experienced, nationally recognized test prep specialist.

What is Coaching? Coaching is the most personalized and direct way to master the LSAT. Most students work with Mr. Cutts once or twice a week by phone or video chat where you will receive specific assignments, review your assignments, and go over actual test questions to improve your skills. Your timing and testing strategies will be reviewed and you will be provided with personalized instruction. Mr. Cutts will direct your study plan and make sure you are staying on track. You will have ample opportunity to ask any questions you have about applying successfully to your graduate program.

This program prepares students for the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). The course covers timing strategy and problem-solving strategies for the Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning sections of the test, as well as for the essay.

You will learn how to analyze logic, including if/then statements and deductive and inductive reasoning. You will learn to identify the main types of logical reasoning, including analogy, cause and effect, and statistical arguments. You will learn to identify faulty argument types, including argument against the person, false analogy, false cause, ambiguity, circular reasoning, and false appeal to authority.

You will learn how to skim Reading Comprehension passages for structure and tools for distinguishing between two very close answer choices. You will develop a systematic approach for organizing Analytical Reasoning information, how to create a powerful diagram, and how to recognize the main types of Analytical Reasoning questions.

You will learn how to maximize your use of time on the test, how to avoid the most common timing pitfalls, and how to gain significant extra points through timing strategy.

The strategies taught in this program have been tested and refined over 30 years of test prep experience with over a thousand students worldwide.

Registration in this course includes registration in the STEPS to the LSAT program, an online study system. STEPS also helps you connect with study partners.

The course includes up to thirty hours of personal coaching help outside of class for a period of twelve months from the start of the course.

LSAT Special Prelaw Intensive (SPI) with classroom-style option

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Instructor: Jay Cutts
Choose  Your Course Dates:

Spring or Early Summer: Work with the SPI mentor for 10 weeks. Continue with the study materials for as long as you need. If available, you may take one of the summer or fall 5-week classroom-style series.

Late Summer or Fall: Work with the SPI mentor for 10 weeks. Continue with the study materials for as long as you need. If available, you may take the fall 5-week classroom-style series.

Course Overview: This course prepares students for the LSAT and for creating a successful application. The program was developed by Barron’s LSAT author Jay Cutts, a 30-year specialist in the LSAT and law school admissions.

This is self-paced study support program with advanced online study materials, daily assignments, and access to study partners.

For each of your first ten weeks you have weekly check-ins with the SPI mentor.

Enrollment in this program also entitles you to attend a live-online, 5-week, 15-hour classroom program, typically given in June or Sept-Oct, subject to availability.

The SPI program does not include any coaching except during the 5-week classroom series, if available. 

You can also enroll in the LSAT Personal Coaching Program for more advanced help.

The course consists of several parts:

  1. Special Prelaw Intensive (SPI). Your web dashboard provides you with an eight-week, day by day plan of study, along with other support materials, including access to study partners, and a library of nearly 300 recorded coaching sessions. You also study how to write a convincing personal statement and prepare a powerful application.
  2. For your first ten weeks, a personal mentor checks in with you briefly each week to guide your study. (The mentor does not coach you on the LSAT.)
  3. Free Summer or Fall live classroom-style prep classes. Enrollment in the SPI program allows you to attend one summer or fall classroom-style LSAT series offered separately by Cutts Graduate Reviews. These classes are independent of your school’s Continuing Education department. You meet once a week for five weeks for a three-hour hands-on study class taught by a senior instructor trained by Mr. Cutts. You can attend both the summer and fall sessions. Classes are via Zoom. The offering of classes is subject to availability and is not guaranteed.

Course Materials:

Order Course Materials: Barron’s LSAT, Ten Actual Official LSATs (Test 7-18), 10 New Actual Official LSATs (Tests 52-61), Ten Actual Official LSATs Volume V (Tests 62-71).

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About Your Instructor

Headshot of Jay Cutts

Jay Cutts

Director, Cutts Graduate Reviews, Lead Author Barron's LSAT Prep Book

Jay Cutts is the lead author of the Barron's LSAT and MCAT prep books and a 30-year test prep and admissions expert. He specializes in individualized instruction and advanced strategies for math, test anxiety, and problem-solving.