The Art of Intuitive Tarot Card Reading

Learn to use Tarot cards for empowering personal growth and gain confidence in interpreting them for guidance in various aspects of life.

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The Art of Intuitive Tarot Card Reading for Personal Development

Monday, June 10, 6:00 - 7:30PM

$69 / One Class

Instructor: Karen Light
Location: Victory Parkway Campus

Tarot cards aren’t just woo-woo.  They are a powerful personal development tool for your toolbox! People who want to learn about the Tarot often don’t because of two reasons:

  • They think that only certain people can read the cards and they aren’t that kind of person.

  • They think it will take a lot of time to learn what everything means.

In this class, I will show you that ANYONE can learn to read the cards and that you can do powerful readings right away! Here are some benefits of a tarot card reading practice:

  • You can build trust in your intuition or “gut” instincts which is great in personal and professional life!

  • You can discover more meaning in the challenges helping you to experience greater learning and growth.

  • You can become more intentional, and therefore, increase your ability to prioritize and focus your time and energy.

  • You can add more fun to your day, adding more juice to even mundane tasks!

Join us and walk away feeling confident in your ability to interpret the cards in ways that help you at home, at work, and in all your goals in life! The price for this class includes a tarot card deck.   

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Karen Light

Karen Light, a skilled Professional Artist, Creative Coach, and Entrepreneur, is lit up by her calling to Awaken Creative Power. She believes that creativity is an innate human quality that is not only about making art - it is about making our lives!